get the picture
Get the Picture
A CMS(content management site) where a user can log in to: change the text, change the username and password, add pictures to the image slider, upload images to the photo gallery which are then shown in the recent images section on the home page, change the main logo, change the map on the contact page, and change the background image. The image carousel and gallery light box are built using jQuery. If a user stays on a edit page for more then 10 minutes then trys to update any content or go to another edit page, the current session is destroyed, and the user is redirected to the login page. An issue I had while building this website was when a new image was uploaded through the edit gallery page, the new image wouldn't show in the light box when clicked, I solved this by making sure the image was loaded before grabbing the height and width.Uses HTML5, CSS3, jQuery,jQuery UI, AJAX, PHP, and MySQL.
Tuck and Roll Sushi
Tuck & Roll Sushi
I wanted to experiment with responsive design and what better way to do so then to build a fully responsive restaurant website. The home page is a four box layout which includes a jQuery slider, and three images that link to different pages. The menu page is where the menu can be viewed and when viewed on a mobile device the main content will collapse to three labeled horizontal bars that when clicked, will slide down to show that menu. The locations page uses OO(Object Oriented)Javascript and Haversine's formula to calculate the distance between a fixed location and the user's location to tell the user how far away from the restaurant they are. The specials page uses PHP's date() function to grab the head image and the three specials for that day, each day has different specials which can be a sticky feature to keep users coming back each day to see what specials are available for that day/night. The reservation page, the bread and butter of the whole website, a user can make a reservation for any day except holidays, all that is needed is the user's full name, desired date, number of people, and the time, which is then stored into the database where an employee can login to view all reservations for the day, if reservations for a different day need to be viewed the search bar can be used to view the desired day. Uses HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery-UI, PHP, and MySQL.
Lucky star radio
Lucky Star Radio
My friend Needed a website for his radio station Lucky Star Radio. When talking about what the website needed, it was mentioned that the website should have a chat room where Lucky Star listeners could talk to each other. Another feature was the user could naivigate the pages while listening to Lucky star radio's live streaming music without being interrupted. Third feature was the ability to edit content. To build the chat room I used jQuery, and AJAX to write to and read from a file. The uninterrupted live streaming while surfing the website posed as a challenge but I ended up figuring out that using AJAX I could load files in to the current page without it refreshing, this allows a user to surf Lucky Star Radio while listening to live streaming radio with out the radio turning off in between pages. For the editing content on the spot feature I used Php, MySQLi, and some jQuery to build a content management system. To access the edit page Diggy has to log in with a username and password. Other features on the website are an image Carousel, a blog and an image gallery with light box. Technologies used for this website were HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, jQuery, jQuery-UI, PHP and MySQLi.
coin collector screen shot
Coin Collector 3000
The first game I have ever made. Built using the C# programming language along with the Unity game engine, The object of the game is collect all randomly placed coins. C#,Unity Engine
Not available on mobile or tablet
traverse screen shot
This is my experimentation with AI and a health system. The object of the game is to find the green door on the other side of the map but also be careful about what's around every corner. Uses C# and the Unity Engine
Not available on mobile or tablet